Washington County Fair this week in Fayetteville

It’s that time of year again.

Time to eat funnel cakes, cotton candy, meats on sticks, apples on sticks, deep-fried twinkies on sticks and other weird/delicious fried foods / foods on sticks, and then ride spinny rides to the brink of losing it all.

It’s time for carnies, corndogs, the Zipper, Tilt-a-Whirl, mullets, rat tails, winning knifes at the ring toss, winning a rabbit and/or goldfish, goats, dutch oven cooking contests, popping balloons with darts, giant blow-up guitars, the “fun” house, tractor pull, the constant fear of death-by-carnie, funnel cake, quilts, “art,” hillbillies, goth kids that are way out of their element, that funny-looking guy with 3 teeth, half shirts, muscle pants and so much more.

That’s right. It’s fair time, baby.

A few fair events officially began last week, but the most awesome portion (the carnival part) begins tomorrow night at 5:00 pm. Armbands are $30, but you can save $5 with a Pepsi can.

If rides aren’t your thing, you can check out the goats, pigs, dairy cows, and whatnot beginning each day at 10:00 am. Admission to the fair is $5, but that does not include rides, just so you know.

Friday night, the fair stays open late for Midnight Madness from 12:00 am – 3:00 am, and Saturday, the carnival portion opens a little earlier, at 1:00 pm.

Other notable events at the Washington County fair include:

Cake Decorating Exhibit: Friday, 6:30 pm – Youth Exhibit Building
Youth Dog Show: Saturday, 10:00 am – Livestock Arena
Dutch Oven Cook Off: Saturday, 10:00 am – Front Gate
Tractor Pull: Saturday, 2:30 pm – South Side of Beef Barn
Youth Talent Contest: Saturday, 6:00 pm – Outdoor Entertainment Stage
Purtiest Cow Contest: Saturday, 7:30 pm – Livestock Arena

Now get out there, and win some knives.

2009 Washington County Fair

When: Tuesday, September 1 – Saturday, September 5
Where: Washington County Fairgrounds
Carnival Hours: 5pm-midnight Tue-Thu, 5pm-3am Fri, 1pm-midnight Sat
Admission: $5 admission. $30 armbands (unlimited rides) each night, with $5 off when providing a Pepsi can.