Lions and tigers and bears, the millage failed

The millage failed and everyone is talking about it. What are we going to do now?

The sky has fallen.

Well, I voted for it, and here’s what I think: big deal. This isn’t going to prevent us from having one helluva school district.

Practically speaking, the plan can be made better. And it will be! Our school board and the administration have new people, and they weren’t as large a part of the old plan as they could be now. They can be involved from the beginning of a new process. With time to refine the project, it will end up even more reflective of what we all want.

Another vote with them is at least one year away, but what comes next will be a success with voters. We can all feel a new Fayetteville coming, and we’re ready to make it the best it can be.

I think… it might be time to raise city taxes.

Matthew Petty

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