Scull Creek Trail receives new trail lighting

Fall is here and the daylight hours are getting shorter. But thanks to some recent improvements to the Scull Creek Trail in Fayetteville, commuters on at least one stretch of the Fayetteville trail system can ride after dark.

The city announced last week that it had completed a new section of lighting on the Scull Creek Trail. The trail now has continuous lighting from the north side of the Fulbright Expressway to just beyond North Street, about 2.7 miles. The new lights, as well as all trail lights are on from 5:30am until daylight and from dark to 11pm every day.

The next phase of lights for the Scull Creek Trail will extend from North to Maple street, and the city is considering using more energy efficient LEDs for future trail lighting.

If you notice trail lights that are not working, please report outages to the Parks and Recreation Department by sending an email through the Parks and Recreation page of the city’s website or by calling 444-3471.