Giveaway: Ole Miss game predictions

So how ’bout them apples? The Hogs went into the swamp and nearly came out with a victory. Not many (aside from Arkansans) were giving Bobby Petrino’s boys a chance, but Willy Robinson’s defense did more than their fair share the entire game. Forcing 4 turnovers and sacking Tim Tebow 6 times in a game, against the #1 team in the country, is nothing to be modest about. In fact, were the offense clicking a bit better than a few big plays here and there, the outcome might’ve been a victory for Arkansas. We won’t even mention the absolutely are-you-kidding-me incorrect penalties or the missed field goals by Alex Tejada, because when your team has a +4 advantage in the turnover column, you should win the game. It was a tough break for the Hogs, but you have to believe that our kids know they can win any game and it definitely shows signs that the program is moving in the right direction.

This week will re-awaken a new grudge match against Houston Nutt, err, rather the Ole Miss Rebels. In SEC play, this is a must-win for both teams. Arkansas sits at 3-3 overall, 1-3 in SEC, and Ole Miss is 4-2 overall, 1-2 in the SEC. This season, Nutt’s Rebels have beaten up on teams like Memphis, UAB, Vanderbilt and Southeastern Louisiana — teams with a combined 10-16 record. While 4-2 is a good record, the Rebels are a far cry from the pre-season top-ten ranked team in the country — and on top of that, once-Heisman hopeful starting quarterback Jevan Snead isn’t playing like he was last year — 49% completion rate, 1100+ yards passing, 12 TDs, 9 INTs. The wild card on the Ole Miss offense is utility player Dexter McCluster, but even he is relatively quiet so far this year.

Right now the cards are stacked against the Hogs. With confidence riding high from the Florida game and our defense still not able to stop the big play every so often, I can see this being a big trap game. Houston Nutt is a fairly predictable coach, but he’s a master motivator and with bowl games weighing in the balance, I expect Ole Miss to come out swinging. We’re going to have to be ready to play from the opening whistle (sounds dumb to say, but sometimes teams sleepwalk a while).

It’s do, or die, time for the Hogs. Petrino and company should have them ready to win.

So let’s get to the score predicting. Sassy’s Red House has once again stepped up to provide the prize for our weekly score-predicting contest. Whoever is closest gets some delicious BBQ for their tailgate party.

How to enter

Leave a comment with your name, e-mail address and score prediction. If you want to add anything else, feel free.

What you’ll win

A tailgating package for four (4) from Sassy’s Red House. More info here.

The rules

Check the rules page for all the details. Here’s the basics:

  • You only may enter this specific contest once.
  • The winning entry must pick the winning team and have the smallest combined difference from each team’s final score. More info here.
  • You must pick the score by Saturday, October 24, at 11:05 am.

What’s gonna happen in this one, boys and girls?

Our predictions

Jonathan says: Tejada doesn’t miss a single kick and the ref’s don’t suck (too badly). We kick Ole Miss in the Nutt.
Arkansas 34, Ole Miss 27
Anything about Nutt? Houston Nutt will lose, but will console himself by wiping away tears with hundred dollar bills and will laugh himself to sleep thinking about those infamous “golden handcuffs” we removed before he left for Ole Miss.

Todd says: When I was a kid, I thought it was “Old Miss.”
Arkansas 30, Old Miss 20
Anything about Nutt? Remember when it was Houston Nutt and Casey Dick vs. John David Booty? That was fun.

Trip says: Hogs would have won 41-28, but, you know, Tejada.
Arkansas 35, Ole Miss 28
Anything about Nutt? Nutt makes me laugh 13 times during the game.  I still like that guy.

Seth says: Admiral Ackbar is a damn humanoid fish. Yet, he can breathe out of water. It’s a bit endearing, isn’t it? Though, it kinda takes away the whole ‘fish outta water’ comedy bits you might have planned. But yeah, it freaks me out, too.
Ole Miss 24, Arkansas 21
Anything about Nutt? One time I almost ran into him at Hugo’s.

Dustin says: Look out, America. Arkansas is about to go on a winning streak. Starting Saturday.
Arkansas 35, Ole Miss 31
Anything about Nutt? Not even worth it.

Thanks to Sassy’s Red House for sponsoring this contest. PIck up some BBQ on game day from their bulk menu. Go pick ’em!

Go Hogs!