City trails and wastewater projects win awards

The City of Fayetteville won two of twelve awards at the 8th Annual Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce’s Construction and Developers Committee Banquet held Monday, Oct. 26.

The City’s Wastewater System Improvement Project won the Infrastructure Award. The project involved construction and renovation of over 31 miles of pipeline, nine wastewater pumping stations, and two wastewater treatment plants. Among the project’s highlights were the state-of-the-art West Side Wastewater Treatment Facility and the creation of 25.5 acres of wetlands.

West Side Wastewater Treatment Plant

Also winning were the City’s Trails System and the refurbished Downtown Square, which received the Legacy of Fayetteville Award.

The renovation of the Square, which began in late 2007, included a new water feature on the northwest corner of the Square which sparked the beginning of a much bigger project. Plans were eventually developed to update the existing facilities which the City deemed unsightly and inadequate. Cracked brick planters and wooden walls were replaced with native stone, sidewalks were widened and street crossings narrowed to emphasize pedestrian use. Additionally, existing street lights were updated and lighting was added in the gardens to extend the hours of usage.

Scull Creek Trail is the 4.4-mile-long backbone of the Fayetteville Alternative Transportation and Trails (FATT) system. According to the City, Scull Creek Trail is used by over 2,000 people each day for both transportation and recreation.

While closely aligning with Scull Creek, the tree-lined trail crosses the creek at six locations with arching, weathering-steel, pedestrian bridges. The trail also includes the longest pedestrian tunnel in the State — a 650-foot-long passageway under the Fulbright Expressway. Lighting has also been included in the tunnel and along most of Scull Creek Trail. It was recently announced that the trail lights would remain lit until daylight.