Flyer Profile: Ctrl+Alt+Delete

There isn’t much more satisfying than discovering a good, new (to you) band. Unless that band is from your hometown and is playing at one of your favorite bars on a Saturday and you’re drinking a really good microbrewed beer. That’s more satisfying.

This is kind of the way I discovered Ctrl+Alt+Delete this summer at the Smoke and Barrel Tavern and after a few months, I finally got in touch with them for an interview.

Ctrl+Alt+Delete is relatively new to the Fayetteville music scene, but they’ve already made an impression. They don’t have a Myspace page or a lot of material recorded yet (though singer Micah Szabo does, and he has several Ctrl+Alt+Delete songs available to listen to), and they are currently considering new band names, but their live show has been blowing people (including me) away for a while now.

You can see Ctrl+Alt+Delete at the Smoke and Barrel on Nov. 20 with Hosta,or if you’re cool with crashing a Halloween party Saturday night, Micah from the band mentions one below.

Fayetteville Flyer: What have you been listening to lately?
Ctrl+Alt+Delete: Peter Bjorn and John, The Kills, mgmt, David Bowie, new Muse album is nice. Mainly

FF: What can you tell us about the name Ctrl+Alt+Delete?
CAD: The name just sounds too electronic. We are not an electronica band. In fact, we are quite the contrary. I saw a picture of this computer geek graffiti on an Israeli Separation Wall. It says Ctrl+Alt+Delete in blue spray paint, and I thought it looked creepy. It was very 12 monkeys-like.

FF: What are some other bands you guys have been in?
CAD: Carl has been in Noctopia, a well known metal band around here. Nick, the drummer boy, and I were in a church band when we were like 14. Yikes. Nathan, bassman, has been in multiple bands in the past.

FF: Got any Halloween plans?
CAD: Ctrl+Alt+Delete is playing a house party at 1405 N Garland Ave. We will be dressed up, which will be a first. I’ve always wanted to be in costume while playing a show. I will be “old man winter”, and the other members will be a surprise.

FF: Are you guys working on some recording right now? Where do you

CAD: We will most likely be recording in my house. I have been sound-proofing a room in my house, and I believe the result will be nothing short of satisfying.

FF: When can we get our hands on some Ctrl+Alt+Delete tunes?
CAD: We are in the process of recording about 8 of the songs on our set list, and then we are going to concentrate on our overall sound, writing new songs, and figuring out which direction we want to move in.

FF: I’m always interested in a bands songwriting process. Do you guys have a primary songwriter? Does someone bring a song in pretty well finished, or do you write as a band?
CAD: As far as our set list right now, I have written a little over 50% of the songs. Nathan, our bassist, and Carl, guitar/keyboard, also write some of our songs. Some of them were prior to this band. I have about 40 recorded songs that I have produced out of my living room. Carl has done a lot of home recordings as well. We will be writing more collaborative songs in the future.

FF: What are some other bands in town we should check out?
CAD: Hosta, David’s Pegasus, Where’s Lawrence (they have new stuff), Opal Fly is always a hoot. MSG, that’s the Matt Smith Group. Bear Colony is good, and Memphis Pencils are interesting as well. I went to high school with a couple of those guys.

FF: How do you perceive the music scene in Fayetteville right now?
CAD: The music scene of Fayetteville is like a moldy block of cheese. There is a lot of amazing music out there, but the majority of the surface (well known) music is not what you want your ears to be eating. If we could just cut off all of the moldy spots, we just might have something delicious and original to work with. Small town rockstars are making my ears bleed.

FF: What’s next for you guys?
CAD: We all have our own separate lives. The music is really a vent and breather from all of the stresses and responsibilities we are committed to in the real world. Babies, wives, school, work, etc. But as far as the music goes, we want to record, play shows, and refine the sound to our liking. Getting a record deal would be ideal, getting regular shows would also be nice. Other than that, we will continue to due our best at rocking your socks off.

Click below to hear Mexico by Ctrl+Alt+Delete