Giveaway: Eastern Michigan game predictions

Let’s don’t even talk about that Ole Miss game. Hate those guys.

This weekend, Eastern Michigan is coming to town. The Eagles are 0-6, and will be making their first ever trip to Fayetteville when they take on the Razorbacks at Reynolds Razorback Stadium at 6:05 on Saturday. Eastern Michigan plays in the Mid-American Conference West Division, and is coming off a 29-27 loss to Ball State.

The Eagles do provide a somewhat interesting matchup to the Hogs. Despite their 0-6 record on the season, the Eagles are currently leading the nation in Pass Defense. In reality, though, we’re probably gonna massacre those guys. Hopefully.

Let’s get to the score predicting. Sassy’s Red House has once again stepped up to provide the prize for our weekly score-predicting contest. Whoever is closest gets some delicious BBQ for their tailgate party.

How to enter

Leave a comment with your name, e-mail address and score prediction. If you want to add anything else, feel free.

What you’ll win

A tailgating package for four (4) from Sassy’s Red House. More info here.

The rules

Check the rules page for all the details. Here’s the basics:

  • You only may enter this specific contest once.
  • The winning entry must pick the winning team and have the smallest combined difference from each team’s final score. More info here.
  • You must pick the score by Saturday, October 31, at 5:45 pm.

What’s gonna happen in this one, boys and girls?

Our predictions

Jonathan says: Who are we playing again?
Arkansas 35, Eastern Michigan 3

Todd says: Let’s hope our homecoming isn’t as nerve-racking as Florida’s was.
Arkansas 38, Eastern Michigan 10

Trip says: HOMECOMING!!!! Man, I am going to get sssssssooooooooo waaaaaaaaaassssttttttteeeeeddddddd.
Arkansas 45, Eastern Michigan 1

Seth says: Jeff Feagles.
Arkansas 48, Eastern Michigan 13

Dustin says: Sorry Eastern Michigan. We’re pissed.
Arkansas 89, Eastern Michigan 3

Thanks to Sassy’s Red House for sponsoring this contest. PIck up some BBQ on game day from their bulk menu. Go pick ’em!

Go Hogs!