Zombies invade Dickson Street

Fayetteville’s first zombie pub crawl looks to have been a success, not to mention a ton of fun.

Organized by local Laine Gates, the Darker Side of Dickson Zombie Crawl 2009 featured at least a couple dozen zombies who staggered up and down Dickson Street “invading” bars and even “attacking” an innocent bystander.

Anyone inside Common Grounds saw a band of undead clawing at the front entrance. Same with Crown Pub. Not even Dickson Street’s own guitar hero Kyle Lee was sparred as he was completely swarmed while wailing on the steps of the Walton Arts Center.

If you missed out, don’t worry. According to a message sent from Gates’ Facebook account last night, Chuck Meré is responsible for the nearly 10-minute-long documentation of Friday night’s events. The video is from YouTube and is embedded below.

Who all witnessed the invasion?

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