Woodland Jr. High alumni celebration set for Nov. 5

“Calling All Woodland Alumni!” reads the headline on the Fayetteville Public Schools Community Blog.

According to FPS, alumni of Woodland Jr. High School are being invited to attend the Woodland vs. Ramay football game on Thursday, Nov. 5.

From the blog: “Woodland alums will participate in a decades walk before the kickoff of the 9th grade game. Please check in under your decade banner when you arrive at Harmon Field. The 8th grade game kicks off at 5:30 pm.”

The celebration is part of the 50th anniversary of the local junior high school.

[Note: The blog points to a Ning site which requires registration and approval before access to information is available. I signed up earlier this week but still haven’t had any luck getting in. I attended WJHS from 1989-1992.]

Read it at FPS Community Blog