Hogs beat Appalachian State in overtime

The final score was 81 to 72 but the win didn’t come easy for the Hogs in Bud Walton Arena Friday night against Appalachian State. Fortunately, the Mountaineers tuckered out during overtime, scoring only four points to Arkansas’ 13.

It was stressful, yet somewhat familiar, to watch the Razorbacks fall from an 21-4 lead. What made it worse was remembering that this was the same team that upset Arkansas 74-67 in 2007 in Little Rock.

Here’s a list of notes and observations. Let me know what I missed…

Freshman Marshawn Powell was on fire and scored a career-high 29 points including a three-pointer that started the 13-4 run in overtime. “I think he won us the game,” said Rotnei Clarke.

Speaking of Clarke…
After scoring 51 points a couple of games ago, Rotnei took just six shots all night. No, seriously. It was just as weird as it sounds. Fortunately, the guy rarely misses and walked away with 16 points. “I want him getting 20 (shots),” said Pelphrey. “We’re trying. But people refuse to leave him. They refuse to leave him.”

Mike Wash
“I don’t think he’s played great these last two games,” said Pelphrey. “But you say that and he gets a double-double tonight.” It’s true. Ask anyone who watched the game if Michael Washington did very well and they’ll certainly say, “no way.” But he scored 13 points and had 10 rebounds. If a double-double’s not great, I can’t wait for Mike Wash to pick it up.

There was a 6’10”, 285-pound guy on their team named Isacc Butts. “That’s a big cat,” said Pelphrey. It’s also an unfortunate last name. The student section reminded him of it a few times, too.

“I hope we don’t play Appy again for a long time.”
Appy? Oh, Appy. As in Appalachian State. Sorry, coach. That one took me a second.