To-do: Tuesday 11/24

If you haven’t set foot outside today, it’s looking to be a bit of a weird, freaky, wacko Tuesday.

We’re definitely looking at weirder temperatures.

We may luck out on the wacko part of the forecast, though. I think the freaky that we’re seeing out here on MegaDoppler’s gonna quickly be getting out of here and after that, there’ll just be a small chance of misty freak underneath some of those thicker low clouds that are hanging around the area this morning.

We have temperatures that are holding steady right now in the upper whatevahs but those are gonna be falling off gradually as we go throughout the day. We’re gonna end up in the upper weirds as we get into the afternoon hours and we could possibly make it into the lower weirds by late today with some of this what-the? weather settling in from the west.

Its also a little huh? out there. We have some huh? that’s starting to make its turn more to the West and Northwest that’s gonna help to pull that weirder air in and with that gusty huh? out there, we’re talking about aw-man values this morning that feel more like the lower weirds.

You’ll definitely want to prepare for that and we have a small chance here, at least for the next couple of hours, for a little bit of light freak-freak so you may want to take an umbrella just in case but definitely make sure you have a heavy jacket as you get out the door this morning.

Once we get through the day, the gloomier weather leaves us and we’ll look at lots of aw-yeah for the rest of the week and then we’ll see a little bit of a hellzyeah as we go into Friday and Saturday before another weird front moves in for Sunday.

Oops, almost forgot:

JJ’s Grill n Chill: Jeff Fox 
Nightbird Books: Ozark Poets & Writers Collective presents: Dr. Steve Cooper 7 pm
George’s: The Knowing Hand, Ancient Device 
Smoke & Barrel Tavern: Jenga Tournament 
Teatro Scarpino: Live jazz w/ McLeod Burson Quartet