Giveaway: LSU game predictions

It’s the last game of the regular season and all you Razorback fans know what that means, it’s time for The Battle for the Golden Boot. The Hogs are rolling in as winners of four straight, with the latest victory coming over the Mississippi State Bulldogs — a game where Ryan Mallett continued his hotness streak by throwing for 5 TDs, 300+ yards and, unfortunately, 2 INTs. Again, Mallett was utilizing his full compliment of WRs by hitting nine different players for passes with four of them reaching the end zone. Greg Childs, Joe Adams and Jarius Wright each had TDs, but the break-out star of the game was freshman Cobi Hamilton who finished with 3 catches, 131 yards and 2 TDs. Not too bad. Especially when the defense is trying to key in our other star receivers.

Ole’ Willy Robinson’s defense had some struggles once again. Mississippi State came into the game with a monster rushing offense and a horrid passing game. You would expect that the Hogs would stack the box and dare the Bulldogs to throw. Or, maybe that’s just silly of us to expect because Mississippi State had a mere 49 passing yards and 327 rushing yards. And, get this, we even let a TD play go over 40+ yards. Shocking. We all know that our defense isn’t the best out there, but as long as they’re getting stops and our offense keeps scoring, then we’re doing okay.

Scoring a lot of points might be tough this Saturday. Not only are we going into Baton Rouge, but we’re a lousy 0-3 on the road (all against SEC teams) and LSU, while not exactly scary on offense, is down right scary. They’re allowing just over 14 points a game and have held some good offenses to low point totals (Georgia had 13, Florida had 13, Auburn had 10). So, yeah, the defense is good. They’ll bring the pressure often and try to get Bobby Petrino’s piggies out of rhythm. If the Arkansas offense can hold it’s ground and take advantage of what LSU is giving them, then we should be fine.

On the other side of the ball, LSU’s offense rests squarely on the shoulders of QB Jordan Jefferson (a Vince Young-like player). The Tigers had a decent running game earlier this season, but since then their top 3 RBs have all gone down with injuries. Couple that with the fact that LSU’s offensive line has given up 31 sacks (2nd most in the SEC) and you’ve got the making of a game where the secondary will be under full attack. Let’s hope that Willy can get his defense playing well enough to make playing in Baton Rouge not that difficult. Let’s also hope Les Miles will be dumb enough to waste precious time at the end of the game, again.

A win here probably gets Arkansas into the Cotton Bowl. Here’s to hoping for a Dallas trip!

So let’s get to the score predicting. Sassy’s Red House has once again stepped up to provide the prize for our weekly score-predicting contest. Whoever is closest gets some delicious BBQ for their tailgate party.

How to enter

Leave a comment with your name, e-mail address and score prediction. If you want to add anything else, feel free.

What you’ll win

A tailgating package for four (4) from Sassy’s Red House. More info here.

The rules

Check the rules page for all the details. Here’s the basics:

  • You only may enter this specific contest once.
  • The winning entry must pick the winning team and have the smallest combined difference from each team’s final score. More info here.
  • You must pick the score by Saturday, November 21, at 11:05 am.

What’s gonna happen in this one, boys and girls?

Our predictions

Jonathan says: After last week’s embarrasment, Les Miles is out for blood. However, despite their best effort, the hogs “get that wood” for a third year in a row. I’m hoping Les calls us “R-Kansas” again so I can get real mad before the game starts and can boast even more when we win.
Arkansas 34, LSU 24
Which Hog ate the most turkey this year?
You wouldn’t belive it, but Reggie Fish can down some turkey. Dude’s a footballer, rapper and semi-profesh competitive eating fiend.

Todd says: With one second left in the game, LSU spikes the ball even though they’re on our 20-yard-line. The game ends. We win. Wait…
Arkansas 38, LSU 37
Which Hog ate the most turkey this year?
Paul Petrino ate the most turkey.

Trip says: Did I think we could beat LSU two years ago?  No.  Did I think we could beat LSU last year?  No way.  Do I think we are going to beat them this year?  No.  Hopefully I continue to be wrong about this one.
LSU 20, Arkansas 13
Which Hog ate the most turkey this year?
Alex Tejada.  He has to be good at something, right?

Seth says: If you ever want to listen to the audiobook of The Time Traveler’s Wife, get it out of your head that it’s NOT a mystery. It’s just a long and, frankly, uneventful love story that’s sci-fi-ish.
LSU 22, Arkansas 21
Which Hog ate the most turkey this year? I heard that Michael Smith decided to wear a turkey on each hand for 48 hours — just to get into the Arkansas record books for something.

Dustin says: LSU shuts down Joe Adams, but they can’t shut down DJ Williams, Jarius Wright, Greg Childs, and Cobi Hamilton. Also, their offense blows. We win.
Arkansas 35, LSU 23
Which Hog ate the most turkey this year?
I think DD Jones is gonna eat two whole turkeys. He he. DD.

Thanks to Sassy’s Red House for sponsoring this contest. PIck up some BBQ on game day from their bulk menu. Go pick ’em!
Go Hogs!