Weekend: Dec 18, 19, 20

One of the good things about the holidays is that it gives us all a little bit of time to pause, take a day or two off work, and relax with friends and family.

That’s all fine, I guess, but after a solid month of all the holiday and non-holiday related activity leading up to Christmas, the actual week of Christmas can be kind of a let down. Trust us, after this weekend, there isn’t much going on in town until New Year’s Eve.

That said, this weekend is chock full of options. After Sunday, though, I hope you’ve got a stock pile of Netflix stored up. Just sayin’.

Take tonight, for example. You’ve got lots of choices.

How ’bout a Christmas themed dance party? DJ’s Shortfuze and Beat Bachs will be dropping some dope beats at Scarpino’s tonight for the “Red Nose Rendezvous Holiday Dance Party.” There’s a $7 cover, but if you dress in red or green, you can get in for $5.

If dancing makes you feel awkward, or if you’re sick of all this holiday mumbo jumbo, maybe you should check out legendary performer Leon Russell at the Walton Arts Center. If you’re not familiar with Russell’s solo work, chances are he played on several of your favorite records. Dude’s a legend.

The Nace Brothers are at George’s for Happy Hour.

There are two big tribute shows going on tonight as well. There’s Killer Cars: A Radiohead tribute at Smoke and Barrel (with members of the One Ups, Ringo Alcoa Band, & Phantazmelodia). Also, the Bob Kramer Incident is doing an Alice in Chains set, and Wrought is doing a Rage Against the Machine tribute tonight at George’s.

Boom Boom Room has Dreamfast, Rip Off and Take Cover, and The Plaid Jackets. We interviewed Dreamfast about a year ago.

The UARK Bowl & Ballroom is doing one of their dinner and a movie nights, with Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (the original with Gene Wilder) if you feel like a flick.

If you haven’t seen “‘Twas The Night,” the original production by Theatre Squared, there are four chances to check that out this weekend as well, at Studio Theatre inside Nadine Baum Studios.

Saturday night, the Greenhouse Grille will hold their first late night show with Garaj Mahal, touring in support of their third studio album “w00t.” The show should start around 10:00 pm.

Country music star Joe Nichols is at the Walton Arts Center Saturday night for those of you who dig some contemporary country music. I’m pretty sure he’s the most famous person ever to come out of Rogers, Arkansas.

There’s a really funny sounding show at Smoke and Barrel Saturday night with The Strut. They’re a hip hop band made up of several of Fayetteville’s best musicians with a bizarre backstory and some pretty funny songs on their Myspace page.

There’s lots happening on Sunday this week too.

Dan Dean (The Rox) is at Greenhouse Grill for brunch, Still on the Hill’s at the Goodfolk House, and the Smithstonians are at George’s for Monster Mug Night.

The Smoke and Barrel has a Christmas Horror Movie night Sunday night with Gremlins up first, and Santa Claus Conquers The Martians to close the night. I’ve never seen Santa Claus Conquers the Martians, but I can only imagine.

That’s just some of it. The rest is below. What are you guys doing this weekend?

Friday, December 18
Arsaga’s on Crossover: Waoka 9 pm
Boom Boom Room: Dreamfast, Rip Off and Take Cover, Plaid Jackets 9 pm
George’s: The Nace Brothers, RJ Mischo, Bob Kramer Incident (Alice in Chains), Wrought (Rage Against the Machine) 
Greenhouse Grille: Tiffany Christopher Trio 
JJ’s Grill n Chill: Maud Crawford 
Smoke & Barrel Tavern: Killer Cars: A Tribute to Radiohead $5
Teatro Scarpino: Red Nose Rendezvous Holiday Dance Party 10 pm, $5
UARK Bowl & Ballroom: Dinner and a Movie-Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory 
Walton Arts Center: Leon Russell 8 pm
Nadine Baum Studios: TheatreSquared’s ‘Twas The Night 7:30 pm
Ultra Studios: Ultra Studios Presents Bella Vita Jewelry and Brandy Thomason 6 pm
Rogue: Rollo Tumasi, The People in the Paper, Bravesoul 
Saturday, December 19
Arsaga’s on Crossover: Tory Cotingham 9 pm
Boom Boom Room: Bob Kramer Incident 10 pm
George’s: Even Heroes, Pretty Boy Convoy, Black Leaf Clover, Wasting Days 
GoodFolk: Still on the Hill 8 pm
Greenhouse Grille: Garaj Mahal 
JJ’s Grill n Chill: Black Top Boys 
Smoke & Barrel Tavern: The Strut 
Stella Boyle Smith Concert Hall: Fulbright Trio Concert 8 pm
Walton Arts Center: An Evening with Joe Nichols 8 pm
Nadine Baum Studios: TheatreSquared’s ‘Twas The Night 2 pm, 7:30 pm
Cheers: Ransom 
Sunday, December 20
George’s: Smithstonians 
GoodFolk: Still on the Hill 7 pm
Greenhouse Grille: Dan Dean 
Smoke & Barrel Tavern: Christmas Horror Movie Night! 
Nadine Baum Studios: TheatreSquared’s ‘Twas The Night 2 pm