City makes changes to commercial recycling program

According to a study released last year, 56% of Fayetteville residents take advantage of the city’s residential recycling program, resulting in 587 pounds of recycling per household, per year. Nawt bawd.

In hopes to build on the success of the residential program, the city has recently refined two commercial programs that may make it easier for businesses to get in on the recycling action.

According to the city’s website, small businesses who wish to participate in the city’s commercial recycling program “with weekly volumes of material similar to a residential home” and “located in an area currently being serviced for residential recycling” may do so for a cost of $5.88 per month for up to five bins.

That price was adjusted at the Dec 15th city council meeting. Previously, the rate had been $5.88 for each bin.

A bin must be purchased for $10, and the same rules apply to businesses as they do for residential recyclers. Businesses who wish to participate in the commercial recycling program may do so by calling the city’s Waste Reduction Coordinator at 479-718-7685

In addition, the city has also made improvements in its recycling program for large generators of recyclable paper. The city is now using blue, four cubic yard dumpsters for the collection of paper only. The blue dumpsters replace the old igloo style containers that some business and schools were using for their paper recycling programs, and instead of having to call to have the city pick up the igloos, the blue dumpsters are emptied weekly by city staff. Fayetteville schools are the first to take advantage of the service, which is designed to make recycling of paper easier and more efficient.

The service utilizes current fleet and personnel and the paper is collected with the current cardboard recycling truck that services over 100 businesses and schools in Fayetteville.

The cost to participate in the paper recycling program is $32.76 per month for once weekly collection. There is a $14.73 monthly lease charge to cover the expense of the dumpster replacement and maintenance.

Businesses wishing to participate in the paper recycling program can contact a Commercial Service Representative at 575-8397.