Arkansas mascot Tusk II died Monday

Razorback mascot, and Russian boar Tusk II passed away yesterday of natural causes, and was laid to rest on the Stokes Family farm in Dardanelle, Arkansas. He was seven years old.

Tusk was born on Aug. 12, 2002, and served as the Razorback Mascot from the age of three in 2005 until the Liberty Bowl in Memphis this year. He was known for being extremely photogenic and for eating from the hands of adoring Razorback fans.

According to, the Arkansas football team posted a 35-28 during Tusk II’s tenure as Razorback mascot.

Tusk is survived by his brother, Tusk III, Bobby Petrino, John Pelphrey, Dave Van Horn, as well as tens of thousands of fans in the Razorback family.

His brother, Tusk III will succeed him as Razorback mascot beginning in 2010.

Tusk II was a good Razorback. He will be missed.