Flyer Guide: First Thursday – January 2010

As of 12:45 pm, there are officially only 128 people left in Fayetteville who are not freaking out about the cold weather. By sundown, even those who kind of enjoy it will be right there with the rest of ’em. If The Weather Channel isn’t charging Super Bowl-type fees for advertising this week, they’re crazy.

Fortunately, you can still check from your mobile phones, so venturing out tonight isn’t impossible by any stretch, which is a good thing for First Thursday Fayetteville. We hope.

Here’s what we know:

East Square Plaza

East Square Plaza, located at 1 E. Center, will have an acoustic music showcase and donation boxes for the Fayetteville Animal Shelter and Mayor Lioneld Jordan’s WE CAN! food drive as well as Elayne’s Dance classes on the first floor starting at 7pm.

Fayetteville Underground

Fayetteville Underground, located in the downstairs section of East Square Plaza hosts two major art openings in the Revolver and Hive galleries as well as group shows in the Vault and E-Street galleries. All exhibitions will last until Jan. 30.

Pedigree “Matters of Consequence” – Christopher Baber & Michael Shaeffer
Fayetteville Underground, Revolver Gallery

After working together for five years, Hot Springs’ collaborative art duo, Pedigree, will showcase its work tonight in Fayetteville. Pedigree is Christopher Baber and Michael Shaeffer and their latest project, “Matters of Consequence” features solo works by both artists as well as some of their collaborations.

Baber’s human experience schematics include drawings loosely based on time lines and electrical diagrams. His visual representations of abstract concepts such as love, jealousy, hate, loss, elation result in chaotic-yet-coherent pieces that illustrate the connection he has with the world around him.

Shaeffer’s work began as fashion-based, pop culture illustration, but recently, he has taken a turn towards more personal interests, such as the idea of potential within oneself as well as his hometown.

Don Nibert – Nationally recognized potter
Fayetteville Underground, Hive Gallery

Nibert, a Fayetteville potter who rarely shows here but whose pottery is widely sought in juried shows around the country, will be exhibiting work tonight.

Each of his one-piece thrown and Raku-fired pots seem to represent a fiery portrait in both color and shape and each rests on a custom stand welded by Nibert using bits of found metal. “The stands lend support and synergistically elevate the pots into Pieces,” reads Nibert’s website. “I think the marriage is working out and the recycling is giving me a green thumbprint.”

ddp gallery

ddp gallery, located next door to East Square Plaza at 7 E. Mountain is hosting “Salon I” featuring over 100 works of art by gallery artists, hung salon style.

Due to the incredibly cold temperatures, anyone who shows up to ddp wearing a Snuggie gets a discount. “No, seriously,” says owner Dede Peters.


To ease parking needs, the paid parking lot next to East Square Plaza (to the east) will be open for free parking tonight. There are also two large city lots that are free after 5 pm to the west of Block Avenue between Mountain and Meadow.