Dr. Dog, Deer Tick headed to Fayetteville in May

We mentioned it on Twitter yesterday but for those who don’t tweet, a Fayetteville favorite is headed back to town in a few months.

When scanning the daily Pollstar feed Tuesday, we noticed Dr. Dog and Deer Tick are scheduled for a May 3 appearance at George’s Majestic Lounge. The info is also available on the Dr. Dog website.

By the time Dr. Dog arrives, they’ll have a brand new album. And from what guitarist/vocalist Scott McMicken says, it’ll sound more like the live shows Fayetteville has come to love over the years.

Their Anti Records debut “Shame, Shame,” as McMicken told the Arizona Daily Star last October, will be harder and heavier on the electric guitar. It’s due out April 6.

“Each album we’ve made was the best one we could have made at the time and I don’t have any regrets,” McMicken says. “But something has changed. We’ve never really recorded as a band before. We started as a recording project but over the years we’ve become a real band. We tour all the time and we have this certain place we fall into. And I think we’re ready to use that as a reference point now.”

Dr. Dog was last here in April 2009.