1st Annual Dickson Street Snuggie Crawl set for Friday

There is no word in the English language stupider sillier than the word Snuggie. In fact, the only word even close is Slanket, which coincidently, is exactly the same thing as a Snuggie. If you don’t believe me, just say the word out loud. Snuggie.

Stupid word or not, people love those crazy wearable blankets. So much, in fact, that people all over Fayetteville will be partying in them on Friday during the first ever Dickson St. Snuggie Crawl.

It all started on Facebook with a simple status update posted by organizer Kelly Zega.

“Weigh in: could a Snuggie be made to fit within office attire guidelines,” her status read. “Maybe with proper accessorizing?”

The status update received 40 comments, and the discussion ultimately led to Zega organizing Fayetteville’s first Snuggie Crawl.

“A good friend of mine, Holly Bryan, saw my status and responded that Charleston, SC was having a Snuggie Pub Crawl,” Zega said. “A quick bit of Googling made it abundantly clear that this is a national phenomenon in many of America’s best cities. And with Fayetteville being the cool place it is, we had to get on board for the fun somehow!”

The first ever Snuggie Crawl happened about a year ago, when some folks in Cincinnati figured out that in addition to being good couch chilling attire, Snuggies also make really good drinking jackets.

Since then, Snuggie Pub Crawls have popped up in just about every major city in the US.

For the Fayetteville event, several Dickson St. area businesses have gotten involved by offering discounts to patrons who participate in Friday’s event. Everything from $5 off select Walton Arts Center shows, to 15% off purchases at Private Gallery, to drink specials like $1 beers at Grub’s are being offered to those wearing a Snuggie, Slanket, or backwards bathrobe.

Several of the specials are being offered all day, but Zega says the official crawl starts at around 5:00 p.m.

Snuggie creativity is also highly encouraged. In other cities, people have customized their Snuggies by adding slogans, decorations, masks and other accessories.

“My Snuggie is an original; zebra fleece with contrasting black sleeves and a zebra stripe down each arm,” Zega said. “Depending on how time allows this week, I may invest in a Bedazzler and get all blingy with mine. I also need to add a front pocket, appropriate for storing the remote control or carrying ID/debit card around Dickson.”

More information can be found at the official Dickson Street Snuggie Crawl Facebook group, and you can RSVP via the Facebook event. Snuggie!

1st Annual Dickson St. Snuggie Crawl

Friday, Jan. 22 – Dickson St., All Day
Website: dicksonstreetevents.com
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