The best sledding spots in Fayetteville

Photo: Skippy, CC 2.0

Round 1 of Winter Storm 2010: The Reckoning left Fayetteville pretty much coated in a bunch of sleety-icy grossness.

Round 2 is expected to give us somewhere between 3-10 inches of snow today, the likes of which we haven’t seen around these parts in quite a while. If that is the case, it’s going to be a sled-tastic weekend here in Fayetteville.

Yesterday, we asked on Facebook about the best spots for sledding in town and several of you were able to give us some good suggestions on the best places to bust out your sleds, inner tubes and trash can lids, and where to build some ramps for some serious hill-sliding fun.

Here are some of the best sledding spots in Fayetteville, as selected by the Flyer community on Facebook.

  • Wilson Park: Wilson Park is an obvious choice for sledding in Fayetteville, with the long hill on the south side of the park leading down from the walking trail.
  • Cleveland Street: Cleveland St. is another favorite. It’s tough to stop at the bottom of the hill, though. Wear a helmet.
  • Mount Sequoyah: There are several spots on Mount Sequoyah for sledding sweetness, but one person recommended the south end by the old water tower.
  • 71 B Near Lewis & Clark: We’re not sure about this one, but one guy said it was sweet. See for yourselves.
  • Christian Life Cathedral: Christian Life Cathedral is kind of tucked away behind First Federal Bank off College Avenue. It’s also on a really big hill.
  • North Side of Arlington Terrace Down Kings Drive: This is another one of those that might require a helmet. The bottom of this hill spills onto Mission Blvd., so leave someone at the bottom of the hill to watch for cars.
  • Township East of Crossover: We’ve never tried this one either, but it sounds pretty sweet.
  • All Over the UA Campus: They don’t call the University of Arkansas campus “The Hill” for nothing. There are plenty of good sledding slopes on campus, including near Reid Hall, next to the Agri Building, near the Union Parking deck, etc. Just follow the students.

Those are just some of the suggestions we got yesterday on Facebook. Feel free to add to the list in the comments, and if you happen to find anywhere in town that has sleds in stock, please share that information as well.

See you at the bottom of the hill?