Bombay Brouhaha Bollywood dance party set for tonight

Dance parties are becoming more and more popular here in Fayetteville. Maybe it’s the dancing. Maybe it’s the partying. Or maybe it’s the combination of both with the added bonus of not having to visit the gym for a day or two. Either way, it’s becoming nearly impossible to read one of our weekend posts without having a badass dance party scheduled somewhere in the calendar.

In an effort to up the awesome of the DJ scene even further, KXUA 88.3FM and Baby Armie (Ants in My Trance) along with Rev. Stiles have put together Bombay Brouhaha, a dance party featuring 70s Bollywood themes and Bhangra / Punjabi jams. Yes, Bollywood.

Things kick off around 10 p.m. tonight at Speakeasy (509 W. Spring St.) and anyone over 21 gets in free. Ages 18-20 can still get in but will need to fork over a $5 cover.

We got in touch with Baby Armie and he was kind enough to answer a few questions about tonight’s event.

Bombay Brouhaha poster

Fayetteville Flyer: It’s at Speakeasy, right? What’s the turnout usually like there?
Baby Armie: Yep, it’s at Speakeasy. Lately that venue has had some really well attended dance parties (Art Amiss New Year’s Eve, Beat Bachs’ Halloween). Speakeasy has operated largely off the radar of the live local music scene until recently. I’m the resident DJ there these days, and lately we’ve been working to organize specialty events and parties like this one. Often times these events bring DJs to the forefront.

FF: Why Bollywood?
BA: Bollywood is a very polarizing form of media. Lots and lots of people hate it (including many people I know), but like any genre of film/music, there’s so much variety and so much to explore. I think people in this country are generally unaware of how much the genre offers, and one of our aims with this party is to give those people a thorough and proper introduction.
The era and style of Bollywood I’m most interested in is ’70s and ’80s disco, funk, and groove. There are so many warm, silly sounds to be found there—lots of warbly synths and strange instrumentation. I’ll be spinning stuff primarily from that era at the party. Our friend Vivek will be throwing down some newer Bollywood.

FF: You’ve got 180 confirmed guests on Facebook. Can Speakeasy handle it?
BA: We’re really surprised and pleased by the positive response we’ve gotten. We’re just basically nerding out and throwing this niche party. We didn’t expect to get those kinds of numbers. And yes, Speakeasy can definitely handle it, so come one, come all.

For a sampler mix of tonight’s music, visit Ants in My Trance and download “Bombay Brouhaha: Party Sampler Mix.”