Arkansas Punk! compilation now available to download

If you missed out on the Arkansas Punk! CD release party Saturday night at Smoke & Barrel, don’t worry. Starting today, you can download a digital copy for the low, low price of free.

The 22-track compilation was put together by Eric Jensen of KXUA 88.3FM and Art Amiss. The bands featured are mostly from Northwest Arkansas and include The Counterlife, Egyptr, Fire Don’t Care, Genome Chomsky and Perpetual Werewolf, to name a few.

The first 100 people who attended the show this past weekend received a limited edition CD with handmade packaging.

The digital download is available at the KXUA website and includes a track list, band bios, and digital artwork of the CD label and poster from the show.

Visit the KXUA website to download the compilation.

Arkansas Punk! track listing
  1. A+ Setup – Relax About the Afterlife
  2. The Drunkards – Kill The Boppers
  3. The Moving Front – Accessory to Empire
  4. The Bling Grenades – Watching You
  5. Well, Well, Well – Build a Religion
  6. The Chicklettes – Bobo Weekend
  7. Perpetual Werewolf – Our Bodies Work
  8. The Ozark Mountain Nightmare Band – This is Mutiny
  9. Miniature Colossal Men – I Wanna Have Sex With Dee Dee Ramone
  10. The Plaid Jackets – Jerkface
  11. The Kill Crazies – Blow You Away
  12. What Army – Deliverance
  13. Magic Hassle – Speed Dealer
  14. Fire Don’t Care – Dis-Allusion
  15. Lethal Red – From Beneath The Grave
  16. The Fuck-Tards – Lafayette House
  17. The Pullout Method – Your Face Looks Better With Blood On It
  18. Egyptr – Bit Lip Red
  19. Genome Chomsky – If You Want War…
  20. The Counterlife – Spy vs. Spy
  21. The Malls – Take Dope (live – 1980)
  22. Soophie Nun Squad – You’re Too Young For The Living Dead