Owner restructures operations at ddp gallery

Gallery owner Dede Peters announced last week that she will restructure operations of ddp gallery after the most recent Fayetteville First Thursday reception on Feb. 4.

Peters, who has operated the gallery since October 2006 will shift the focus of the business away from doing a monthly rotating art exhibition, and will now focus on producing occasional art events, collaborating with regional arts groups and non-profits on special events, and representing artists, collectors and design professionals

Peters currently represents about 20 artists.

She plans to retain the downtown space to display art by appointment and to host select exhibitions and events.

“I’m re-strategizing activities at the gallery. The commercial art gallery world is changing, and I’m following suit,” Peters said. “While I thoroughly enjoy presenting exciting art to the public, a rotating monthly exhibition schedule is proving to be too ambitious for one person.”

Peters has produced over 30 contemporary art shows in the past three and a quarter years, and was one of the organizers of the growing First Thursday event on the Fayetteville Square.

Some special events Peters has in the works include a spring exhibition presenting sculpture and ceramics of Chris Weaver during Walton Arts Center’s Artosphere festival, and an exhibit of photographer Amjad Faur’s work during the Society of Photographic Education South Central region’s convention hosted by the University of Arkansas this Fall.

Peters also plans to continue with projects in the same vein as the 2008 Fayetteville Arts Festival limited-edition print sale and 2009 Project Feed Local exhibition to benefit the Northwest Arkansas Food Bank.