Wednesday To-do: March 3

It’s very rare that we have to delete comments here at the Flyer. We’ve had to do it a few times this week, though. It usually only happens when there’s a really heated debate going on and it’s usually because of vulgarity or personal attacks that we notice. Sometimes things slip by us, but for the most part, our community here is incredible.

Since the beginning, we’ve not required signing in to comment and you can be as anonymous as you want. We don’t even moderate comments before they go live (unless you get nasty with your choice of words). We don’t plan on changing our policy but we do have plans to get folks to sign up for an account in the near future. It won’t be a requirement or anything, but it might make things easier when interacting with the site. We’ll see.

Hey, speaking of getting deleted, it looks like Sacha Baron Cohen won’t be putting his bare butt in anyone’s face at this year’s Oscars.

He was set to star as a pregnant (with James Cameron’s baby) ‘Avatar’ female Na’vi character but as a New York Magazine insider puts it, “Let’s just say that Cameron isn’t known to be, shall we say, ‘self-deprecating.’ The skit was cut this week.

If you were quick enough to grab tickets to the sold-out STS9 show at George’s, this to-do list is worthless. You already know what you’re doing tonight.

For everyone else, here’s what’s going on:

Tyrannosaurus Chicken is at Smoke & Barrel. I’ll be honest and say that I’ve never seen this band. I don’t know what they sound like, but I’m intrigued. Anybody?

3 Penny Acre is at Greenhouse Grille. The trio played an acoustic set on Honest Tunes last night. If we’re lucky, DGold will post a podcast.

Eric Church is back in town but this time, you’ll have to fork over some dough to see him. Church was here last fall for a free show at the Greek Theater on the UA campus. Tonight, he’s at the Walton Arts Center. Get your tickets here if you wanna.

Here’s a list:

Wednesday, March 3, 2010
Greenhouse Grille: 3 Penny Acre
JJ’s Grill n Chill: Mo Brothers
Teatro Scarpino: Square Dancing
Walton Arts Center: Jagermeister Country Tour Featuring Eric Church
Stella Boyle Smith Concert Hall: UA Violin and Viola Studio Recital
George’s: STS9 (Sold out)
Smoke & Barrel Tavern: Tyrannosaurus Chicken