Spring Awakening

I’m not the biggest fan of spring. It has never been my favorite season. I have always preferred the fall and winter.

From a media standpoint, fall brings us new television and winter brings us film awards season. Now that the Oscar season is over, we tend to go on an early summer vacation. Writers don’t tend to put much of an effort into television in the spring and the film selection is pretty terrible. However, this spring, we can find solace in a few gems that are hidden in the spring mess.

Please take these recommendations for a few things that deserve your attention this spring. Remember that in just a few short months, summer will be here and culture will pretty much be at a stand-still. (EEK)

Glee Returns

I have to tell you that the last few months of Wednesdays have been pretty dry. Granted, we are still glad to have the superb “Modern Family” around but “Glee” has been greatly missed. The Golden Globe and SAG winner for Best Comedy comes back to FOX in late April at a time when we are all growing tired of American Idol. In fact, I predict that Idol doesn’t really have more than a season or two left in its reign.

When we left off, the “Glee” kids had just won their sectional meet and are on their way to regionals. This spring finds great material for the writers who have already secured Neil Patrick Harris and Idina Menzel as guest stars. “Glee” will also feature a Madonna-themed episode and renditions of Lady Gaga and Beyonce. Songs aside, “Glee” is as smart as it is funny. Jane Lynch’s portrayal of the villain Sue Sylvester is sure to win her an Emmy nomination and hopefully a win. Her character arch has been both hilarious and brilliant and is great to watch.

Of course, no mention of Wednesday would be complete without yet another plea to watch “Modern Family,” which is the best show on television currently. Its witty writing and superb acting have stood out among a rather boring television season.

Great New Shopping

Are you looking for some great items to spruce up your home this spring? If you are, look no further than V.S. Mobley’s General Store off Dickson in Fayetteville. The store, which opened last fall, offers gorgeous home decor. However, even if some of their items are outside of your budget, it’s still beautiful to go look at. The owner has put together a stunning store that rivals some of the great stores in Tulsa like Dwelling Spaces.

Although sometimes pricey, there are some beautiful things that are both budget-friendly and chic. Look for the tinted hydrangeas (dried) or Dwell bedding. It is about time for Fayetteville to have a chic alternative to IO Metro and I applaud anyone who turns a nightclub (formerly Blu) into a stunning store.

No mention of shopping would be complete without a mention of my favorite store, Handmade, in Evelyn Hills.

The Farmers’ Market Returns

Early April brings the return of the quintessential Fayetteville experience, the Farmers’ Market. The Fayetteville Farmers’ Market reached new heights last year. Perhaps it had to do with the economy, but the crowds have never been bigger. However, the local vendors rose to the challenge and supplied some of the most gorgeous produce and flowers. From Dripping Springs Garden to the Arsaga’s coffee booth, there are some landmark booths that greet you like old friends.

April and May might not bring the biggest selection, but they do bring out the true Farmers’ Market fans. You begin to see the musicians and artists who perhaps can’t work the crowd in June, but have a nice following in April. It’s a great way to see some vendors that don’t always appear in the heat of the summer.

Of course, the last big reason to go to the Farmers’ Market is to see the dogs. The Fayetteville Animal Shelter routinely shows off its pets and encourages adoption. We found our little dog Charlee on a routine Saturday morning. It’s a great way to support the shelter and give a home to a wonderful friend.

Get Your Patio On

Whether it is at Trailside or Little Bread Co., the patios and courtyards around Fayetteville offer a great experience in the comfortable temperatures. There is nothing quite like getting one of Hannah’s muffins at Little Bread Co. and taking your paper outside and reading on a cool spring morning. It is an experience that should never be missed. We go every single Saturday and it’s a great escape from the rest of the week. It provides a nice mini vacation from the reality of Monday to Friday.

Trailside Cafe & Tea Room has a great little deck that provides a great place to enjoy a great cup of tea and a scone. The spring provides a wonderful time to enjoy some of these places that you might not in extreme weather. It’s definitely worth getting up and out for.

Spring Comes To Your Closet

Make a quick jump over to Target. Whether it’s for their home furnishings of Jean Paul Gautier or their store line, Target is really bringing it this spring. However, their biggest treat is the new Liberty of London graphic line. From clothing to home décor, the Liberty of London line has taken over Target. Liberty has brought their gorgeous, fun, and witty floral prints over seas. The line offers everything from picture frames to dresses, men’s ties to bikes. Liberty has found a chic way to integrate their graphic prints into some items that we use every day. Liberty has plates, glasses, neck ties, scarves, purses, water bottles, piggy banks, all with their signature prints. It’s worth a trip just to see the collection.

So at the end of the day, spring might not be my favorite season. However, this spring we do have a few things to be thankful for from dining to clothing. Spring has come and I suppose we should just embrace it because it will be summer before we know it.

Wayne Bell is a regular contributor for the Fayetteville Flyer. He moved to Fayetteville in 2003 for his Masters Degree and you can almost always catch him at Little Bread Co. or Hammontree’s. For more of Wayne’s contributions, visit his author page.