Q1 2010 Fayetteville board and committee openings filled

We told you guys back in February that there were some openings on quite a few various city boards and committees.

Tuesday night, Ward 2 Alderman Kyle Cook announced the selections for several of them, as recommended by the City Council Nominating Committee.

Five new members of the Planning Commission were nominated and accepted, Brandon Karn was confirmed for another term on the A&P Commission, and former mayoral candidate Walt Eilers was selected for a position on the board of the Botanical Garden Society of the Ozarks.

The council voted 7-0 to accept the recommendations.

Here’s the full list of new board and committee members, for your information.

Advertising and Promotions Commission

The Advertising and Promotion Commission recommends the following candidate for appointment: 
Brandon Karn – one term ending 3/31/14.

Audit Committee

Adam Motherwell – one unexpired CPA term ending 12/31/12.

Botanical Garden Society of the Ozarks

Walt Eilers – one term ending 12/31/12.

Civil Service Commission

Earl Buddy Chaddick – one term ending 3/31/16.

Fayetteville Public Library Board of Trustees

The Mayor recommends the following candidate for appointment: 
Maylon Rice – one term ending 4/01/15.

Planning Commission

Matthew Cabe – one term ending 3/31/13
Sarah Bunch – one term ending 3/31/13
William Chesser – one term ending 3/31/13
Hugh Earnest – one unexpired term ending 3/31/12
Tracy Hoskins – one unexpired term ending 3/31/11.

Telecommunications Board

Brandon Leder – one unexpired term ending 6/30/11.