Thursday To-do: March 25

Yesterday I went on about how many Fayettevilles there are in the United States. Thanks to ryan, I now know that there are about a dozen.

In looking at the Kris Lager Band website (who’s playing at Smoke & Barrel tonight, btw), I noticed another Fayetteville-related instance of confusion. Actually, it’s not just Fayetteville, it’s Arkansas in general.

On the band’s website, it says they’re playing Fayetteville, AK tonight. Of course, AK stands for Alaska, not Arkansas. It’s a fairly common occurrence and reminds me of how often I have to correct people on the phone who say, “I notice you’re in Arizona, right?”

No big deal. Memorizing all 50 state postal abbreviations isn’t necessarily a prerequisite for my respect. I won’t hold it against you if you don’t know them. I will, give you a big high five if you know all 50 AP Style abbreviations, though.

Which leads me to this question: Which do you prefer? AR or Ark?

So yeah, the Kris Lager Band is at Smoke & Barrel tonight. They’re from Nebraska. NE. Neb.

Elsewhere, Wade Ogle is at George’s this evening and we hear he’s gone electric. Besides that, Paul Boatright has joined the band on drums, theramin and backing vocals. “The music has never sounded better,” says Ogle. Jason Paul and Keith Nicholson open the show and each are playing with a full band as well.

The Sang House is holding its last of a three (turned two)-day run of shows. Up tonight is Dirty Beaches (Vancouver), Bellys (New Orleans), and locals Beast and High Magic. Bring a few bucks and your own B.

There’s more:

Thursday, March 25, 2010
Pesto Cafe: Kevin Bennoch
Teatro Scarpino: Big Bad Gina
JJ’s Grill n Chill: Darren Ray
Sang House: Dirty Beaches / Bellys / Beast / High Magic
Rogue: DJ Wars
George’s: Wade Ogle / Jason Paul / Keith Nicholson
Smoke & Barrel Tavern: Kris Lager Band