Big Momma’s Coffee to open on Dickson Street

In addition to being a cool dance performed by drunk people and hippies during happy hour, the Dickson Street Shuffle is also a term for the moving around, opening, and closing of restaurants and bars on Dickson St.

For example:
Orange Mango Frozen Yogurt opened a few weeks ago, a new restaurant is going into the old On The Rocks building, Hammontrees is moving soon, and a new coffee shop is set to open on Dickson Street later this month.

See? Dickson Street Shuffle.

Big Momma’s, a restaurant and coffee shop with two stores in Springfield, MO, will hold a grand opening on April 23 in the Underwood building on Dickson Street.

According to their press release, Big Momma’s specializes in “espresso favorites, delicious pastries and homemade muffins – so big they hardly fit in your mouth,” as well as “an appetizing array of sandwiches, soups, and salads; all made using local produce and the freshest ingredients.”

They will also host live music on Friday and Saturday nights.

A spokesperson for the coffee shop said that Big Momma’s hopes to open in the new location by the end of next week, with the official ribbon cutting and related festivities taking place on the 23rd.