Fayetteville couple vies for TCBY franchise

A Fayetteville couple is in the running to win their very own TCBY franchise.

After submitting a two-minute video and a 500-word essay explaining why they should be the new owners of a TCBY location in Fayetteville, Jared and Sarah Greer were chosen as one of the top 10 entries from across the country. It’s now up to the public to choose the top five best entries before TCBY determines the winner of the $312,000 grand prize.

“My wife, Sarah, and I have an almost obsessive passion for TCBY products that began when I worked at TCBY in high school,” said Greer. “When we found out that our favorite frozen yogurt franchise was offering a free store, we knew that this was the perfect chance to begin a new challenge with a wonderful product.”

The Greers are both alumni of the University of Arkansas. Jared holds an MBA from the Walton College of Business as well as a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering. Sarah holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Jared has worked in pharmaceutical sales for seven years, and Sarah is currently a biopharmaceutical sales representative. They also own and manage another small business, Greer Property Solutions.

Each of the 10 semifinalist videos will be posted on TCBY.com for online voting beginning Monday, April 26 and lasting through May 10.

We got in touch with Jared who was nice enough to answer a few questions for us:

Jared Greer

Fayetteville Flyer: Not too many people know that TCBY was founded in Little Rock. Which location did you work at when you were in high school?
Jared Greer: I worked at the location in North Little Rock that was right next to highway 67-167.

FF: Fayetteville used to have a TCBY on College Avenue. That building is now a Foghorn’s, though. Any idea where you’d put your location if you win?
JG: There are so many great locations in Fayetteville, we haven’t decided yet. If we win, TCBY corporate will help us complete a rigorous site selection process to help choose the location that gives us the greatest chance of success.

FF: We heard Conan O’Brien was officially invited to enter the contest, but declined. Do you think he would’ve had an unfair advantage?
JG: We would have welcomed his entry, because had he won, we would have let him run the franchise for a while and then taken it back from him.

FF: You seem well-qualified to run a business. What else are you good at? Got any hobbies?
JG: Running, lifting weights, cheering for the Razorbacks, reading, traveling, volunteering for Komen and Children’s Safety Center. Sarah likes shopping, tennis, traveling, and volunteering for Children’s Safety Center and Lifestyles.

FF: What is the perfect TCBY order? We’ve heard it’s White Chocolate Mousse with Crumbled Fudge Brownies on top. True or False?
JG: My in-depth research indicates that a White Chocolate Mousse Shiver with double cookie dough and M&M’s is the perfect TCBY order. Sarah’s research contradicts this, however, finding that a vanilla cup with hot fudge is the perfect order. Further in-depth analysis will be required!

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