Tuesday To-do: April 27

Holy crap. I just spent the last 45 minutes typing out the longest, most rambling-ass intro ever.

It was a reaction to reading a review of Fred Eaglesmith’s 2008 album Tinderbox in which somebody from the Calgary Herald wrote sounds like “Tom Waits meets Pink Floyd meets Hank Williams.” I got all ticked off and started rolling with the keys about how worthless comparisons are when it comes to music. Ironically, after two example stories – one in which I talk about how in 1996, Pavement did NOT, in fact, sound like “a smarter Weezer” to me – I realized I make comparisons all the time myself and had done it just this past weekend by saying that Surfer Blood sounds like (coincidentally) Weezer meets Versus. Then I started analyzing what that meant. Then I realized this was a to-do post, not a diary.

Long story short, I nearly wasted five times as much of your morning as I already have.

So yeah, Fred Eaglesmith is in town tonight at the GoodFolk house. He’s been here before and he’s real good (think Tom Waits meets Pink Floyd meets Hank Williams) so if you wanna see him, you’d better go make a reservation now.

What else is happening? Well, George’s will probably be packed. Sevendust is playing and they just released a new album. On 4/20!!!!1!!

Besides that, there’s the usual Tuesday night lineup with jazz at Scarpino’s, Jeff Fox at JJ’s, and somethin’ classy at Stella Boyle Smith.

Here’s a list. Get back to work.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010
JJ’s Grill n Chill: Jeff Fox
Stella Boyle Smith Concert Hall: Guitar Studio Recital
Walton Arts Center: FHS Spring Band Concert
GoodFolk: Fred Eaglesmith
George’s: Sevendust / Nonpoint / Day of Fire / Hail the Villain
Teatro Scarpino: McCleod/Burson Quartet