Frisco, Scull Creek Trail connection underway

One of the most anticipated links of the city’s trail system is now under construction and could be complete by late August.

City crews began working yesterday on the final section of the multi-use trail that will connect Frisco Trail to Scull Creek Trail. The half-mile section of trail will extend along the east side of the Arkansas & Missouri Railroad from Spring Street to Maple Street.

The first phase of the project includes site preparation and construction adjacent to the Walton Arts Center parking lot between the railway line and the West side of the parking area.

Trails Coordinator Matt Mihalevich said today that he hopes to have the connection complete in about three months, but due some challenges the trails crew faces with this particular section, it could take a little longer. A retaining wall, a fence between the trail and railroad tracks, a brick crosswalk, and a fairly significant grade change are all part of the project.

This new section will eliminate the need to cut through the Walton Arts Center parking lot and ride along a few streets to get from one trail to the other. It will also expand the primary north-south backbone of the trail system to a total of 7.2 miles going from MLK Boulevard to Old Missouri Road.

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