First Thursday Fayetteville announces call to artists

If you’re a local artist, and you’re looking for a place to show your work, some of the organizers of First Thursday Fayetteville would like to meet you.

The Fayetteville Visitors Bureau announced today that they are looking for more artists to participate in the street art program held during the monthly art walk.

For the past few months, 12-20 artists have shown their work in the outdoor booths on East Avenue, and Brian Bailey of the Visitors Bureau said that he’d like add about 20 more artists over the next few months.

“We really want to continue to expand the art side of the event,” Bailey said. “I’d love to see 30-40 artists showing their work during First Thursday.”

Artists are selected through an open application process, followed by a juried review. All genres of art will be considered, but artwork containing graphic content such as violence or nudity will not be accepted.

Artists interested in showing work during the July edition of First Thursday may apply online or email the Fayetteville Visitors Bureau for an application.

First Thursday falls on July 1 next month, and the application deadline for the July event is Sunday, June 20.