Q2 2010 Fayetteville board and committee openings filled

Last month, we told you about several vacancies on various city boards and committees.

Tuesday night, Ward 2 Alderman Kyle Cook announced the selections for several of the open positions, as recommended by the City Council Nominating Committee.

The council approved the nominations unanimously. Here’s the full list of new board and committee members, for your information.

Animal Services Advisory Board

Dr. Charles Blomberg – One veterinarian term ending 06/30/13
Stacey Fraser – One business term ending 06/30/13
Elizabeth Matthews – One citizen-at-large term ending 06/30/13.

Board of Adjustments

Steve Bandy – One unexpired term ending 03/31/15
Evan Niehues – One unexpired term ending 03/31/15.

Environmental Action Committee

Robert Michaels – One term ending 06/30/13.

Fayetteville Arts Council

Jay Baker – One working artist term ending 06/30/13
Hank Kaminski – One working artist term ending 06/30/13
Janie Agee – One arts and cultural/citizen-at-large term ending 06/30/13.

Historic District Commission

Cheri Coley – One term ending 06/30/13
Jonathan Story – One term ending 06/30/13.

Parks and Recreation Advisory Board

Brian Bailey – One unexpired term ending 12/31/11.

Telecommunications Board

Mike Russell – One term ending 06/30/14
Blake Pennington – One term ending 06/30/14.

Walton Arts Center Council, Inc.

Jeff Schomburger – One term ending 06/30/13
Curt Rom – One term ending 06/30/13.

Walton Arts Center Foundation, Inc.

Mary Ann Greenwood – One term ending 06/30/13.