Park sign ordinance change discussed

An ordinance that would allow donor signs in Fayetteville parks was discussed at Tuesday night’s City Council meeting. Two signs would be allowed and the signs could not exceed 16 square feet each.

Alderman Shirley Lucas expressed concern for the size of the signs, but Connie Edmonston, director of parks and recreation, responded by saying the approval would go through the parks staff, the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board and the Planning Commission.

“We would want it to be in good taste,” Edmonston said. “In order to get a 4 by 4, it would have to be a substantial gift to the city.”

In addition to the donor’s name, the potential signage could include a sponsor’s logo, but the design would not use corporate slogans or the logo’s colors for the company.

Alderman Sarah Lewis said this could be one small step toward privatizing public parks.

“I think if a private corporation is going to give a donation, it should be just that – a donation, and not an advertisement,” Lewis said.

Aldermen Matthew Petty, Brenda Theil, Lucas and Lewis voted against sending the ordinance to the third reading, which held off the final vote until the next council meeting.

Current code and proposed change

Current code allows: Signs “on softball/baseball fences and scoreboards at locations and in sizes designated by the Parks and Recreation Director.”
Proposed change: “To allow for donor recognition signs on park and trail property, thereby improving the ability to successfully secure funding from private sources.”

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