It’s Independents Week in Fayetteville: July 1-7

The summer is generally a tough time for some local businesses in Fayetteville.

The students are (mostly) gone. Folks are on vacation. It’s hot.

Over the next seven days, the folks at the Fayetteville Independent Business Alliance are hoping to help some of the awesome local places that separate Fayetteville from the rest of Northwest Arkansas (and the world) by promoting awareness of Independents Week in Fayetteville.

Independents Week starts July 1 and runs through the 7th. It’s a campaign created by the American Independent Business Alliance to help promote awareness of the importance of shopping locally, and how doing so is good for the community and the local economy.

Here in Fayetteville, several FIBA members are offering specials or discounts to residents over the next week, as well as passing out information on the importance of shopping locally to the folks who come in to their stores, restaurants, etc.

Here at the Flyer, we like to celebrate Independents Week by providing a place for you guys to give shout-outs to your favorite locally owned places that you think folks should know about.

We started this tradition last year, and we hope to continue it as long as the Flyer is around.

So let’s hear it. What are the non-chain restaurants that you’d take a visiting friend to? What are some local places that don’t get enough credit? What are some of the staples that make Fayetteville such a great place to live?

What are your favorite locally owned businesses in Fayetteville?