Feel free to dig through our files

Here at the Flyer, we try our best to provide as much information as possible on the topics we cover, even if that means sending our readers to another website.

Recently, we’ve begun adding links to other news sites at the end of stories when we feel like it might be valuable. Of course, keeping track of who said what about the topics we’re most interested in can be a task in itself.

So we built ourselves a simple database that holds headlines and all of the links we come across. And then we thought, why keep it under wraps?

As of today, anyone who shares our interest in selected local topics can feel free to use the Flyer File if the notion strikes.

It’s an easy concept. There are headlines listed in chronological order and underneath that are links to various news sources. The sources are displayed alphabetically and when you select a source, you will be linked to a full story on that source’s site*.

It’s not an automatic process, so links won’t appear as soon as something is reported, but we do pay pretty close attention to our news ecosystem so it shouldn’t take too long for us to get something up if we’re interested enough.

Although we don’t post every local news topic, we do try to add as many links as possible for the news we choose to archive. It keeps us from having to use Google over and over again.

In short, it saves us a lot of time. Maybe it’ll save you some time, too.

» Visit the Flyer File at fayettevilleflyer.com/file

* Some sources may require a subscription or charge a fee to view archived stories.