Wilson Park Trail renovations coming

One of Fayetteville’s most popular trails is about to get an overhaul. A new 6-foot wide concrete surface will be constructed and lights will be added as part of the upcoming Wilson Park Trail Renovation and Lighting project.

City officials yesterday announced the completion of the construction documents. Work is expected to begin in early September and be completed in April of 2011.

The existing asphalt trail in Wilson Park was completed in 1996. Since then, the trail has been heavily used and has outlived its lifespan. Signs of erosion and buckling have been evident for several years and officials say the trail is in need of replacement.

Cracked asphalt on the trail

From the news release:

Numerous citizens have requested lights on this trail since the trail was completed in 1996. Lighting is needed along the trail due to heavy use in the evening and early morning hours. The addition of lighting will provide a safer place for people to exercise and expanded hours for the trail to be used comfortably. The project also includes the construction of raised, colored concrete crosswalks at four existing entry drives, providing an additional safety feature for trail users.

Due to the popularity of the trail, the city says that the Parks and Recreation Advisory Board has supported the project, but that funding has not been available until this year. The project was approved as part of the 2010 Capitol Improvement Plan. Parks Development (HMR tax) and Park Land Dedication (Southwest Quadrant) will provide funding for the project.

Map of Wilson Park Trail (AccessFayetteville.org)