Smoke & Barrel will debut local Gong Show next week

There’s really nothing out of the ordinary about a local bar doing an open mic night.

Lots of places host them to allow newcomers to the scene show off their skills (or lack there-of), and it’s something slightly different to do on a Wednesday (or Sunday, or Tuesday) night for folks looking for entertainment options in town. They’re pretty standard.

In typical Smoke & Barrel fashion, however, when their version of an open mic night debuts next week, it will have a bit of a twist. Did you ever see The Gong Show?

On the first Wednesday of every month, the Smoke & Barrel announced yesterday that they’ll be hosting a local version of the popular NBC daytime show from the 70’s as their version of open mic night. Lucio will emcee the show, and participants will get 10 minutes on stage to show their stuff in front of a panel of three local judges.

The winners each night will be granted a longer set, and an opportunity to make their way into the regular Smoke & Barrel music lineup down the line.

For anyone interested in signing up, there’s a bit more information on a new Facebook group created for the show.

No word on whether or not the judges will have actual gongs set up, but I’m thinking a ride cymbol and a rubber mallet should do the trick. Don’t get gonged.