Mayor unveils ‘Find It In Fayetteville’ campaign logo

The Fayetteville Advertising and Promotion Commission got its first glimpse of the mayor’s plan to promote shopping locally when the official campaign logo was unveiled yesterday afternoon.

It was during the followup to the Fayetteville Forward economic development summit in April that the mayor says the idea for a local marketing initiative was reinvigorated. “This is something that I wanted to do early on, but I never got around to it until this Spring at Fayetteville Forward,” said Mayor Lioneld Jordan during yesterday’s commission meeting.

“We told our employees that the best way you can help with the budget is to buy in town,” Jordan told the commission in May after asking for $1000 in A&P funding to help produce campaign materials to distribute in town . “I really want to focus on getting people to buy right here in Fayetteville.”

Find It In Fayetteville

The commission agreed and eventually set aside $1,500 for the campaign which, at the time, didn’t have an official name.

After discussing it with the commission’s advertising firm, the Sells Agency, it was agreed upon that “Find It In Fayetteville” was the best way to incorporate the “Buy Fayetteville” and “Shop Fayetteville” names that had previously been suggested by A&P members.

The logo, which was donated by the Sells Agency, is a typographic mosaic of a shopping bag comprised of words and phrases related to spending money in Fayetteville. Some examples include ‘The Square,’ ‘Uptown,’ ‘Do Your Part,’ ‘Live Music,’ and ‘Theater.’

According to director Marilyn Heifner, about $1000 of the allocated funds will be used to purchase stickers which the Chamber of Commerce will soon give to local businesses. Heifner said the remaining money may be used to buy magnets or cards that could eventually be distributed inside city utility bills.