Reminder: Get your parking passes if you live near Dickson Street

After months of public meetings, deliberation, and a few tweaks to the plan along the way, paid parking will go into effect in the Dickson St. entertainment district Monday, Aug. 16.

Sharon Waters told attendees at the last of three paid parking information sessions last night that the three lots around the Walton Arts Center will require payment starting on Monday, but that the pay stations for spaces on the street will not be installed until mid week.

That means that if you live in the area, you’ve got just a few days to get this form filled out, gather one of three proof of residence options, and to turn in the necessary paperwork so that when the metered parking on the streets goes into effect, parking tickets won’t begin appearing underneath your windshield wipers.

Here is some information and links to the city forms you’ll need, as well as the other documents to round up in order to get your residential parking passes.

The Rules

Residents living within the paid parking district may obtain one hang tag per resident, and either two permanent guest tags, or 30 one-day guest passes. The passes are non-transferable.

Full rules and regulations for residential passes are available on the city’s website.

The Process

  1. Fill out the application
  2. Make a copy of your current vehicle registration for the vehicle that the permit will be issued to.
  3. Copy one of the following forms as proof of residency:
    1. Current vehicle registration showing an address within the district
    2. Property tax bill showing person’s name as tax payer and home address within the district identifying applicant specifically as a resident at that address.
    3. Residential lease agreement with address within the district, identifying applicant specifically as a resident at that address.
  4. Turn in the application in person with a copy of proof of residency and current vehicle registration at the Parking Management Office, fax them to 479-575-8250, or email them to [email protected].
  5. You will receive your parking passes in the mail.

Where is the paid parking district?

The map below will show you what has been affected by the paid parking plan. There are a handful of privately owned lots in the area – some free, some paid – that aren’t listed on the map, but those remain unchanged by this plan. Private lot owners can decide whether or not they want to charge a fee, how much they want to charge, and when to charge it, as long as they post signs.

View Dickson Street Paid Parking in a larger map


If you have questions about paid parking, or about whether or not you qualify for the residential passes, you should call the Parking Management Division at 479-575-8280, or email them at [email protected].