Flyer File: Business owners want immediate paid parking changes

For anyone who doesn’t frequent the Flyer File, we posted an interesting item this morning.

According to both KFSM and NWAOnline, a lot of local business owners expressed complete disapproval for the new paid parking program during yesterday’s Dickson Street Merchants Association meeting.

The group said weekday business has taken a big hit and that sales are down 30-40 percent, so they’re asking for immediate changes. Specifically, they want paid parking eliminated except for Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings.

Hog Haus/Common Grounds owner Julie Sill said that if the city doesn’t act now, the group will be forced to take the issue into their own hands.

“We ask that you take action immediately, or we will be forced to do what is best for our businesses which is to take it to a public vote,” said Sill. “We will be starting our homework by collecting signatures.”

Sources: KFSM, NWAOnline

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