Meet the candidates: Rhonda Adams

This interview is part of a series of posts designed help us all learn a little bit about who’s running for city council in Fayetteville on November 2.

We sent two rounds of questions to all of the candidates and we’ll post one interview each weekday in the order that we received them beginning with Round 1.

Keep in mind that you’ll only be able to vote for the candidates who are running in your ward and that only two wards (Ward 2 and Ward 4) have contested seats.

In Ward 1, nobody filed to run against Adella Gray. In Ward 3, only Justin Tennant filed for the open seat.

For a ward map and more information on all the candidates, visit our 2010 City Council Election page.

Rhonda Adams – Ward 4, Position 1

Visit: Flyer coverage | Campaign website | Facebook page
Opponent: Jeff Dickey

Age: 50
Occupation: Assistant Dean for Administration – University of Arkansas School of Law
Experience: My work at the UA has provided me with experience and insight into issues related to HR, budget, and administration, generally. A great deal of my time is spent listening to students, faculty and staff and helping solve problems and find solutions.
Education: Master’s degree in Higher Education
Community Involvement: I enjoy supporting a number of organizations and groups in our community and through the law school and University of Arkansas.

Fayetteville Flyer: Are you a music fan? If so, what have you been listening to lately?
Rhonda Adams: Yes! Love music. Our daughter, Amanda Adams Scarlett, sang all over Fayetteville while she was in college at the UA. She loved singing with Oreo Blue and Ultra Suede, and we have several recordings of those days that we listen to often. And I enjoy James Taylor and Allison Krauss very much! Oh, and my husband’s humming around the house? Such happy music.

FF: How long have you lived in Fayetteville?
RA: My Bedford family moved to this area to start a business in Fayetteville in 1971. Though I haven’t always lived in the city limits, I’ve worked on campus for 32 years (since I was 18 years old). My husband and I built our home in University Heights in 2007.

FF: We know you work at the UA, but are you a Razorback fan?
RA: Oh, yeah! We’ve held season tickets for as long as I can remember, and our younger daughter, Allie, was a member of the Lady Razorback Softball team while she was a student at the UA. We love our Hogs.

FF: Where would you take a newcomer to eat in town? Any favorite local dishes?
RA: If the newcomer was here on a Tuesday, we’d take her to Tim’s on the square, because that’s where we eat every Tuesday night. And on Thursdays we eat at Mexico Viejo – every Thursday. So if it were another night of the week, we’d let her have her choice of another downtown or local restaurant. We love them all, actually. There are some delicious dishes at every single one of our local restaurants!

FF: We’ve heard people say Fayetteville is the best city on Earth. Agree or disagree?
RA: No question, I agree. We built our home here, we built our careers here, we shop here, and we will retire here. We wouldn’t leave this city for any city on Earth.

FF: We read on your website that you like riding your bicycle. Can you do any stunts?
RA: Only one. Remember, I am a Bedford. I love to take take pictures while riding on our trails. I have many great photos of the backside of my husband surrounded by winter, summer, spring and fall Fayetteville scenes.

* Look for Rhonda’s answers to the Round 2 questions next week.