UA students inhabit Tent City outside Razorback Stadium

As a kid, I always thought it was hilarious to drive through Hogeye, Arkansas to see the city limits sign that read “Hogeye, Population 26.”

Thanks to some die-hard students at the university, Arkansas’ newest city has more than quadrupled the population of Hogeye in under a week.

Tent City, Arkansas is located on Stadium Drive near the UA campus. It is linear in topography, with the city limits beginning near the student entrance to the stadium, and running in a straight line back toward the HPER building on campus.

As of this morning, I’d say there are over 100 people living there, most of them between the ages of 18-23. Residents are transient in nature, replacing each other at various intervals throughout the day and night.

Economic conditions in Tent City seem dire at first glance because most of its inhabitants live in tents, but after talking to some of the residents this afternoon, I’d say that the fine folks are living a pretty good life.

Tent City residents

“We just pretty much hang out and talk football,” one of the residents told us this afternoon.

“Actually, I’m studying for a test,” said another.

The township, which was formed Monday morning, has been steadily growing all week. I’d say about 30 canvas domiciles made up the area as of this afternoon.

The natives survive primarily on pizza and soda. On occasion, their diet is supplemented by the generosity of local snow cone vendors, and others from surrounding communities.

For a unique look into the lives of the residents of this fascinating place, please see the slideshow below.

[ No, there isn’t really a city called Tent City in Fayetteville. Students are camped outside of Reynolds Razorback Stadium for prime spots at this weekend’s Arkansas-Alabama Game ]

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