Hogs Guy Recaps: Texas A&M vs. Arkansas

Hey. I am Hogs Guy. And I L-O-V-E the Arkansas Razorbacks. Think that’s new news to you? It’s not. I’ve told you that a few times here and there and a few more, too. Here it is again, I L-O-V-E the Arkansas Razorbacks. If that doesn’t impress and inspire you, then I suggest you stop reading now and start reading at the top of this paragraph. If you do believe me, then it’s time. Move on.

On Saturday, down in Dallas (in Texas), in a big new stadium called Jerry Jones Stadium, the head coach Bobby Petrino and quarterback heisman president candidate Ryan Mallett led the Arkansas Razorbacks to a football contest win over the Texas A&Ms. It was 24-17. The Hogs had 24 and the A&Ms had 17. The difference was 7 points. Therefore, the Hogs scored more. Therefore, the Hogs won. And have now won a lot of most of their games so far.

When I was watching the game on my TV I got reeeeeally excited when we scored a six-pointy touchdown about fourish minutes into the game. It was cool. Ryan Malletts threw a pass throw to Joe Adams who was lucky to be in the touchdown zone. Next thing you knew, the umpires were saying “touchdowns” together. Then the announcer said it. The team danced and kicked an one-point extra point kick.

Then the Texas A&Ms got the ball and were moving for first yards down the field toward the other touchdown zone. Then they stopped. And then we caught a punt drop kick play for us. Then Mallett called a darn intercept pass play – DUMB! The A&Ms got the ball back at a 2 yard out line and then scored a six-point touchdown.

It got awesome then when there was a running back Green run for some yards, then a quarterback Mallett run for a first yards and then an almost quarterback tackle, fake, to a deep pass throw to a running catch play for Cobi Hamilton. He dodged a tackle try and jog-runned into the inzone for a six-point touchdown!

Round 2 started then and the Arkansas Razorbacks had 14 points and the A&Ms had 7. The Hogs had it, the Texas team had it, back and forth and more stuff like that. Then A&M did a pass-catch-fumble play. NOT DUMB. We got it back then. But our rookie kicker Zach Hocker kicked a placekick to the outside of the yellow poles for no points. But THEN the A&Ms did another fumble-play. NOT DUMB. And THEN Arkansas did a kick, no-kick-trick fumble-play. DUMB.

And then there was another Ryan Mallett throw-pass play for a six point touchdowns!


The second half was like a nap time. Or an episode of that TV show Los Angeles Order of Law with the guy that has a big mustache.

Ryan Malletts couldn’t throw anymore touchdown passes. The A&Ms were scoring some points for themselves. A running back Knife Knile Davis was pretty good. And our defense plays were called for good results for most of the time.

Even though it was boring times, it was a winner game for the Razorbacks. Don’t think I’m right? Ask the head coach of Arkansas, Bobby Petrino. He’ll agree with me because Arkansas won it 24-17. And that makes me want to scream in the heavens of joy and not pain. Like HUGE.

And then I remembered something, again. I’m Hogs Guy. And it’s my duty to spread Razorback cheer to everyone when they need it or don’t need it! So here’s what I’m thinking in my head. The Hogs are still the #1 footballers in my book and they should be in yours. We just won a match against a not-so-bad team and we did it without a big offensive play calling in the second half! We did more running plays for success. We still have Ryan Mallets and they’re awesome wide football receivers. We still have the coaches and Bobby Petrino. We still have a defense that knows football better than last year. And we still have it all!

If there’s one thing I know, it’s the Arkansas Razorbacks football trivia and the rules of football contests. Mix those two together and you have 4,111. Be a celebrity and party for a win. But then get serious and just think about how good of football we’ll throw and run against the Auburns this Saturday!

I’m Hogs Guy. Bye.