Hogs Guy Recaps: Arkansas at Auburn

Hey. I am Hogs Guy. And I L-O-V-E the Arkansas Razorbacks. But, like you probably, I’m all M-A-D as heck currently. Are you surprised? Are you in shocked? If so, you’ve joined me in non-believing that I could get this way. If it’s news to you, it’s news to me and how I think about things.

This past Saturday, Arkansas lost a football match to the Auburns. It was a crazy game score of 65-43. A few people are jokely saying it was a basketball contest. Don’t think that’s true, because it really was a football one. They are liars.

The game was wild for sure and it left a LOT of people really mad as heck. I read a lot of sports information website blog homepages, and I’ve made a list of what you should be mad about:

  • Be mad about the Arkansas losings
  • Be mad about the referee instant replay dumb-calls
  • Be mad about the horse tackles that hurt Ryan Malletts
  • Be mad about fumble plays
  • Be mad about intercept pass plays
  • Be mad about 63 points for the Auburns and only 45 points for the us
  • Be mad about Cam Newton being a good runner and a good passer
  • Be mad about punt-kick block plays
  • Be mad about Auburn 99 yard kick off return run plays
  • Be mad about and kick things so hard on a top of a desk but not towards your tv

If you like passion for Arkansas, then you have to be mad as me. If you don’t like passion, then what do you like? Not Arkansas wins, I guess.

So be a passioner like me. And be mad.

Okay, mad time is over. Just like the game is over. Auburns won and Arkansas did not win and we can’t go back and play it again. So now what is a question you might ask?

Here’s what is now and what I know because I know college football information and Arkansas Razorbacks knowledge. We are still an awesome collegiate football team and our name is the Arkansas Razorbacks football team. Ryan Malletts isn’t dead or hurt deadly. But if he WAS a dead guy, Tyler Wilsons can play a quarterback spot too reaaaaaaaally good. Our wide receiver catchers are all awesome. Knife Davis is now cool and running a football play. We still have Bobby Petrinos. And cool uniforms. And a good state to live in. And we have it all a lot.

The football season for us isn’t over yet. We can still go out and win about 10 of all our games. But it won’t happen if another team scores basketball scores on us. No slam dunks are allowed in football so I hope teams don’t try it.

So no more mad times. It’s glad times. Because the Ole Miss Houston Nutts are coming to town. Trivia, remember him? I’ll give you a hint, he is a sucker.

I’m Hogs Guy. Bye.