Poll: When will you celebrate Halloween this year?

Old mother nature went and threw everyone for a loop when she scheduled Halloween on a Sunday this year.

She (or someone?) also scheduled it for Razorback homecoming weekend, further confusing the masses, and as a result, there are Halloween-related activities going on pretty much all weekend.

Kids are ultra confused. After all, they don’t really care when everyone celebrates Halloween, so long as they get to wear a costume and fill a huge plastic pumpkin with candy.


It would appear to me that kids hoping to stock their sugar supplies this year will do best to do their trick-or-treating on Sunday night, school night or not, since that’s the night that folks are most likely to have their porch lights on.

As far as us adults, outside of it being kind of embarrassing to be the only person at the bar in costume, I suppose we can celebrate the holiday whenever we want.

When will you put on your Ultimate Butt costume, and party down this weekend?