Video: Razorback Marching Band wants fans to join them in Thriller dance

The Razorback Marching Band got YouTube famous back in 2008 when they performed their version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller during the halftime show at the Arkansas/Alabama football game, along with their own version of the iconic dance from Jackson’s original 1982 video.

This year, they’re hoping to take it up a notch, and are asking the fans to get involved in the action.

The band has produced an instructional video with a simplified version of the Thriller choreography in hopes that all 75,000 or so fans in attendance at the homecoming game will dance along with them during their halftime performance.

Just so you don’t become the one person in the stands that doesn’t know the steps (embarrassing), the instructional video is embedded below. And yes, it has been modified so you can dance in your seat.

[Via YouTube]