Catfish Hole restaurant damaged in Monday night fire

A brief fire at the Catfish Hole restaurant in Fayetteville caused damaged to the ceiling, attic and parts of a restroom Monday night. The building also suffered some smoke and water damage.

Fayetteville Fire Department Battalion Chief Mauro Campos said a call was made around 6 p.m. Monday after an owner, who was there doing paper work, heard a sound in the attic and discovered flames and smoke in a restroom.

Fire crews arrived on the scene shortly after the call was made and quickly extinguished the fire. Firefighters had to remove parts of the ceiling in order to get water into the attic.

The restaurant, which is closed on Mondays, can re-open as soon as the county health department gives the final OK, said Campos.

What others are reporting

From KFSM:

Not only will they be open for business Tuesday, but Bobby Petrino live is still a go for this Wednesday.

From KNWA:

Investigators say the fire started after an exhaust fan overheated and caught some insulation on fire.

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