Hogs Guy Predicts: UTEP vs. Arkansas

[The final score was Arkansas 58, UTEP 21. Congrats to steve gunderson, who guessed Arkansas 56, UTEP 21.]

Internet blog site home page readers and casual on-lookers. I am Hogs Guy and I am in love with all of the Arkansas Razorbacks college-categorized football team. Seriously. I don’t want to go on a romance date. That’s not the big idea. The huge idea is to have friends with them to tell jokes or stories. And then I could tell those jokes or stories to you and then you could laugh or think it’s serious and feel concern. But this all starts with sweetness. And the Razorbacks. And those two things added together. Example, Hogs plus sweet times equal great jokes and stories. If you can’t follow that math logic then I suggest you stop trying. You will get head aches or head pains. It’s not worth it. But I do feel sorry for you.

And then congratulations! To my Hogs family of friends, sports stars and coaches. On Saturday (of last weekend, the more recent one) the Arkansas Razorbacks scored more points and were declared winners against the South Carolinas Gamecocks. When I said they score more points, I mean it. Arkansas scored 41. The South Carolinas only scored 20. It was not close. Not even barely. Super good for us, the winners. Recap, we won it.

Aside from the good score, the game was really cool to watch and cheer for. After the first .25 quarter of the match, I thinked “here it is that we go again” because it was a tied-up game of 7s. But it was after that when the Razorbacks team scored here, stopped a score there, scored, scored, allowed a kick score and then more stuff like that. The reffrees tried to do a screw play against us, but then it was okay because the South Carolinas kicker did a accurate post kick play for zero points and 100 laughs. And then the South Carolinas tried a fake out punt no-punt run play for really zero points and at least 100 more laughs. After that the Hogs guys scored some and more and then jump-quick win the game!

Hogs Guy visits SEC Tailgate

Bad parts: Arkansas still likes the penalty plays a lot and favor them. Ryan Malletts threw for a big intercept pass play again but it was more of a fault other than him.

Good parts: Knife Knile Davis runs for a football field and 3 six point touchdowns. Ryan Malletts throws for 3 football fields and a six point touchdown passer plus a runner. The Arkansas Razorbacks defensive unit didn’t let a good runner and or a good runner slash passer do good. Razorbacks win! Razorbacks have now won at least 7 of all of their games. And they won it!

This weekend (on Saturday) in Fayetteville (in Arkansas) the Arkansas Razorback football squad has a sports match against the UTEP and they’re Miner’s. This is called a trapper game. UTEPs want to trap us and not let us be the winners. We will have to really think about that and be aware for it to not happen against us, but for and against them! Head coach Bobby Perino will need to tell those players that.

How will UTEP be a trapper team? Answer. I’ll tell you. How A: UTEP has a quarterback man who can throw as many touchdowns as Malletts has this season of college football. How B: UTEPs has a wide receiver player that catches many passes and runs for many football yards and finally has scored 10 or more (but not more) size point touchdowns. How C: Good luck.

After doing several calculations on my pentium chip computer, this is a game that not a lot of teams besides Arkansas will win it. There are only two eligible ones that can win it. And Arkansas starts with A which gives them home time advantage. Here is a new cheer that I created for the football game fans at the game. Give it a shot and see if it works to scare the other team or pump our team up or both options.

Hogs. Win. (whisper)
Hogs! Win it! (normal talk)
GO UTEPS AND WIN IT! (more yells)
TRICK! (louder yells)
UTEPs lose it! (yells)
Hoooooooooo! (yells)

Reminder for the above cheer is don’t say the words in-between the these things ( ). That is an old english grammar trick. Wish it were not the rule? Too bad, you didn’t write English. If you did however it is my favorite language of all. We should have a talk. I have ideas.

And if you’re wanting to take me on in a bet, you can. I think this is how the game will turn out – Arkansas Razorbacks 49, UTEP 17. If you think you can beat me, first off, you can’t. Get a life. Second off, tell me YOUR score guess below. I’d say good luck, but you’ve already lost. And don’t even think about guessing AGAINST the Hogs. If you do I hold the set of keys to your life. One key is for death and I will remove all of the other keys such as the life key, the fun key and the knowledge about Arkansas football statistics and trivia key. Those keys will be mine and I will be smarter and have more life than you. You will be stuck with the death key that I will hold for you and give to you. It’s not a good option. You will stop being alive.

How to enter

Leave a comment with your game prediction. If you want to add anything else, feel free.

What you’ll win

One t-shirt of your choice (size, color, style) from the Flyer Shop.

The rules

  • You only may enter this specific contest once.
  • Contests are open to anyone anywhere except staff of Fayetteville Flyer and their immediate family members.
  • The winning entry must pick the winning team and have the smallest combined difference from each team’s final score. Example: If the Razorbacks win by a score of 21-7, and your prediction was Razorbacks 20-10, your difference would be 1 + 3 = 4. In the event of a tie, a winner will be selected by a random drawing.
  • You must pick the score by 15 minutes before kickoff for each game.

Good luck!

UTEP vs. Arkansas

Location: Fayetteville, AR
Day: Saturday, Nov. 13, 2010
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Media: ESPNU

Hogs Guy last appeared at the 2010 Alabama game. Since that game wasn’t won by Arkansas, he’s been officially named the “Official Spreader of Razorback Cheer” by the Fayetteville Flyer. Hogs Guy is here to spread Razorback cheer to anyone that needs it. Win or lose, we all could use more Razorback cheer. That’s why we need Hogs Guy. For more of Hogs Guy’s contributions, see his author page.