Live music will return to The Lightbulb Club

If you are a member of the band Perpetual Werewolf, Fauxnz, The Counterlife, or Kilroy, or if you are one of several people who attended the aforementioned bands’ show at The Lightbulb Club last Thursday, go ahead and pat yourself on the back.

You guys may have inspired the return of live music to one of Fayetteville’s old music hubs.

Club co-owner Wade Ogle announced today via the bar’s Facebook page that live music will return to the venue on a regular basis in early December.

“We’re going to give it a try,” Ogle told us. “Thursday’s show was really inspiring.”

Ogle said that he has met with a contractor who will begin construction of a 7-inch stage near the front of the bar, and he’s currently looking for a small, vocal-only PA and some lighting equipment. The entrance to the bar may have to be moved from the center of the storefront to one of the sets of double-doors on the side of the entrance.

If you’ve lived in Fayetteville for a while, you’ll remember that JR’s Lightbulb Club was a centerpiece in the indie and underground music scene for decades.

The venue closed in August 2005 and re-opened shortly after that as a jukebox bar in the space next door. The old location became Tangerine.

Outside of a few impromptu shows the new version of The Lightbulb Club has not hosted live music.

Ogle said that shows will focus on local music as well as “the original and adventurous.”

Bring it.