Hogs Guy Predicts: Arkansas @ Mississippi State

The final score was Arkansas 38, Mississippi State 31. Congrats to Jones for winning the pickem’ with the closest guess of 40-24 (-9).

To all of the lovers of rap songs, rappers and Snoop Diggity Doggie (and everyone not from that list), I am Hogs Guy and I L-O-V-E the Arkansas Razorbacks football sports team. They are a regular senior college not a junior college and with the plays that they play week over week, you will or may have already realized it. They are really good when you think about what they have. A man named Ryan Mallett who does football throwings. A man named Knife Davis who does football runnings. A whole lot of men who catch footballs pass plays. And several men who do defenses stops and sack.

Oh and I forgot. They also have a head coach man named Bobby Petrino who is the leader coach for all of the other coaches.

You have probably heard of this team because they are the 13th number 1 team in the USA. More news about them, they beat another football squad on Saturday (of the week that just passed) called the Texas UTEPs Miners by a end score of 58 (for our team) to 21 (for the UTEPs).

The game Arkansas just played (against the UTEP) was really so dumb at first. If we were track and field sports stars, people would say that we have a hard time coming off of the box that runners start running from. And if we were miniature tennis players, a guy might say that we played a ping ping version of a football match for a while. Luckily, uteps doesn’t know how to pinball well.

Hogs Guy approves of local law enforcers and law enforcing dogs.

Our defenses was good but only after they let a UTEP man run far and for a six-pointer touchdown play. And then they let another UTEP man run very far in a kickoff kick return run play for a six point touchdowns. But then they got a huddle of their players together and said no more of that please and no more needings of apologies because we will be the ultimate winners of this specific sports contest. There were dog barkings also.

And then we won it all for the night!

It was simple truths. Ryan mallets was set on fire with how many touchdowns he did (not a real fire, a pretend one that doesn’t cause burning damages). Malletts even did a dumb run dive into the inzone for a touchdowns. Knife Knile Davis was a good football runner again and ran for almost two football field miles.

Sure enough they did what they were quoted to do and STILL won it all. Good news for everyone. We have now won 8 of most of our games. Flip, bad news, now there are only two football contests left in the basic season.

This week we play the entire state of Mississippi. Some people call them Miss State or Miss Bulldogs. You can choose which one you prefer to call them. The Miss States have won 7 of all of their games and they just lost a football game to the Alabama Crimson Tides. Before that losing result, they were winning about 6 or so games that were all in a line. That’s not bad.

Miss States are usually good guys at defenses and they have several options to play on offense. The trick is for us to guess which options they will select to try against us but not let them do it. As always, we hope to score more points than they score because if we do the refrees will declare us the winners of the match and will also award us with one extra victory than we had prior.

These next and last two games we play are great important. If we keep being winners we have a big shot to be in a Footbowl game. Footbowl games are bonus games for winner teams to participate in. The name footbowl is a little different than football, but it’s still the same sport and rules. One bonus is for the footbowl of cotton and one another one is for the footbowl of sugar. Both are good for anyone to participate.

And if you’re wanting to take me on in a bet, you can. I think this is how the game will turn out – Arkansas Razorbacks 34, Mississippi State 21. If you think you can beat me, first off, you can’t. Get a life. Second off, tell me YOUR score guess below. I’d say good luck, but you’ve already lost. And don’t even think about guessing AGAINST the Hogs. If you do, YOU pick which bad thing occurs – 1) You will get to hold a bag of very heavy rocks on your back and probably a miniature man will kick you in the legs some. 2) Fire breathers and eagles will spin circles of flight and fire around you and then you’ll have to stay in the same cricle for some a few hours with no laboratories to go to the bathroom in. 3) Add 1 + 2 together. Dumb choice, stupid. Everyone knows that was a trick except the one person who chose it. You did.

How to enter

Leave a comment with your game prediction. If you want to add anything else, feel free.

What you’ll win

One t-shirt of your choice (size, color, style) from the Flyer Shop.

The rules

  • You only may enter this specific contest once.
  • Contests are open to anyone anywhere except staff of Fayetteville Flyer and their immediate family members.
  • The winning entry must pick the winning team and have the smallest combined difference from each team’s final score. Example: If the Razorbacks win by a score of 21-7, and your prediction was Razorbacks 20-10, your difference would be 1 + 3 = 4. In the event of a tie, a winner will be selected by a random drawing.
  • You must pick the score by 15 minutes before kickoff for each game.

Good luck!

Arkansas @ Mississippi State

Location: Starkville, MS
Day: Saturday, Nov. 20, 2010
Time: 6:00 p.m.
Media: ESPN, ESPN3.com

Hogs Guy last appeared at the 2010 Alabama game. Since that game wasn’t won by Arkansas, he’s been officially named the “Official Spreader of Razorback Cheer” by the Fayetteville Flyer. Hogs Guy is here to spread Razorback cheer to anyone that needs it. Win or lose, we all could use more Razorback cheer. That’s why we need Hogs Guy. For more of Hogs Guy’s contributions, see his author page.